Pamela C. Flores, Paducah

It is hard to believe that six years have passed since my Mother was admitted into the hospital from a fall at home. Dr.Martin was getting her ready for discharge and advised my husband and myself that she could not be discharged to her home. She could go into assisted living as long as it provided personal care.

Immediately, we began visiting all the facilities in Paducah that provided the care she would need. After careful consideration of all available we opted to try to get her into Gaither Suites at West Park. We revisited Gaither and she was accepted into their care and we got her moved in and she felt comfortable almost immediately.

We are now into 2013 and I can truthfully say that she has received and continues to receive the best care. Her needs are taken care of by such a caring staff. I feel completely confident leaving her in Gather’s staff care medically and with her day to day needs.

This past year has been difficult for me to spend a great deal of time with her due to my own health issues and feel perfectly comfortable with (the) fact that even if I cannot be there that she is getting the very best care mentally and physically.

At 93 years of age, I don’t know how much long my Mother will be able to live at Gaither but I do know that we are so blessed to have this residential care home and this wonderful staff to depend on for her care.

I just wanted to share the good thoughts and the good feeling I have for the staff and residential care home itself of Gaither Suites at West Park. God bless each and every one of you and continue your good works. You are truly appreciated.

Dr. Patrick Withrow, Paducah

I am very busy and I travel quite a bit and it’s comforting to me to know that my mother is safe and secure. And if there’s anything out of the ordinary or any questions, I get a call and we discuss what’s going on and that makes me feel very comfortable. I am most appreciative of Gaither Suites.This is her home. I mean, she often times talks about where she used to live in Central City, Kentucky but basically, this is her home. She has friends and she is very comfortable with the schedule and this is her home.

Gretchen Roof, LCSW

When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she had just moved to Gaither Suites of Paducah. As a family, my brothers and I were unprepared for the emotional and physical challenges we and my mother would face over the next 6 months. Gaither staff were incredible. First, they allowed her to remain in this residential care home until 6 months later when she passed away in June on her 86th birthday. We were able to be with her and the staff there, some of which became like friends and family to us. They provided amazing support not only to our mother but to us. She got to remain in this familiar environment, cared for with room enough that we and Hospice could assist her. Cancer is never an easy diagnosis to receive and looking back I am so thankful for the support and assistance that the staff gave. I can never thank them enough for the warmth and care they provided us day and night through those months. Losing your mother is heartbreaking but we were so blessed to have been at Gaither where care was there for all of us.