About Gaither Suites

Who We Are

Gaither Suites is family owned with 26 state licensed Personal Care suites and 14 Assisted Living suites.

Gaither Suites is a certified Assisted Living and State Licensed Personal Care Home; let’s talk about the difference:

  • Personal Care provides continuous supervision and basic health and health-related services by licensed staff. Assisted Living offers a sense of community through peer and staff support. The Personal Care and Assisted Living areas of Gaither Suites offer assistance with activities of daily living, fine dining experience, and daily scheduled activity program.
  • Personal Care further supports the care of each resident through maintenance of a medical chart and assistance with medication ordering, storage, and administration. Physician orders can be taken via telephone by one of our licensed professionals. Assisted Living offers medication storage in the individual suites with medication reminders and the family or responsible party ensures ordering of the medications.
  • Our Certified Assisted Living and State Licensed Personal Care residential community is family owned. We have 26 State Licensed Personal Care Suites and 14 Certified Assisted Living Suites. We pride ourselves in being a family community.

Our Family Quilt

Our family is a patchwork quilt, a lifetime being sewn. Each piece is an original with beauty of its own. The brightest patches may be new and get the most attention, but the pieces that are loved and worn help give our quilt dimension. Threads of humor, faith and love will keep our quilt together to last in love throughout the years and wrap us close forever. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.
– Staff at Gaither Suites